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An Electric Tricycle homemade - full plans

updated 11 Oct 2022

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Jiffy Tax
Accountant in Calgary Alberta Canada
Jiffy Tax service was the first client of RDB Tech Labs (became All Tech Development in 1990) from 1975. This client had been using software (upgraded over the years of course) in the normal running of his business. Sadly after 55+ years he is in greener pastures.

Cloud Document and Project co-ordination system
I currently host this dear friends information for her. She is an accomplished Genealogist with strong convictions for trueth and fair play.
Church Records, Cemetary Readings, and Families...
Genealogy by M Dutil-Morin encompasses over 30 years of research into her family roots. Her primary focus is to find Joseph Jean Hammond/Hamel.

Please help if you have more information. Your help will be  greatly appreciated.
In support of veterans...compiled info by M Dutil-Morin

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A friend and reputable author of The Tarantula Keepers Guide is seen here recieving an award after decades of service to the reptile and exotic pet expos. Learn the trueth about the tarantula and similar creatures. And yes he has been bit by surprising them. Follow his journeys just click the image.
For squeemish, Tarantulas may like their bellys stroked and never attacked people or destroyed cars or buildings as hollywood would have you beleave. Now the menacing buck or deer on the other hand has put at least one Motorhome out of commission. Can you train a Tarantula?

Maybe ...