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In several recent RV magazines articles have appeared discussing tires, weights, and RV tire pressures. In these articles a particularly interesting datum recurs over and over: Light truck tires (aka, RV tires) are not rated the same as car tires. I'm not enough of an expert to be able to interpret that here. All I can do is quote one sentence from Hemer's article (see the full references below).

"Unlike passenger-car tires, where the maximum inflation pressure on the sidewall should never be exceeded, the pressure figure on the sidewall of a light-truck or medium duty truck tire is the minimum pressure necessary to carry the maximum stated load."

(The italics are Hemer's. The embolding is mine.)

After you read this you might get copies of those articles to read some evening when your busy schedule eases up a little. Don't know where to get them? I'll bet the people in the next park space have copies of these magazines in their rigs right now.



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