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We're soon going to be replacing this webtree with a much, MUCH smaller, more streamlined one. This has become necessary for several reasons.

  • In its current state it's far too verbose. We can't even bear to read through it ourselves, how could we ever expect anybody else to do so?

  • Most of the content is a decade out of date. There's a chance that this could mislead someone into doing something that could end up being VERY expensive for them. Heaven forfend!

  • We aren't able to maintain this webtree. We already have too many irons in the fire, something's gotta give, and this project is the one.

  • We have serious doubts that many people are visiting it, much less profiting from it.

Comments? Suggestions? You're welcome to send us your opinions here.


Herein collected are the various tidbits of wisdom and acts of abysmal stupidity worked by the Schultzes. Cheer, weep or ignore us entirely. But mostly enjoy!

The search for our retirement home. (Formerly, Wanna Sell Me a Motorhome?)

How we imported our motorhome into Canada with lots of peripheral information about using Google, how to get a good mortgage rate, how not to rent a car, archy and mehitabel trivia and lots more!

An Epilogue.

A discussion of an eclectic assortment of issues with RVs in general and the Duchess in particular.

We'll be adding more to this list as time goes by. Check back often.



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