Third Edition

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The Tarantula Keeper's Guide, Edition Four
is now being actively worked on.
The bad news is that the release date is still several years away.
And, in the interim many of the pages on this website will no longer be updated.
(More information is available here.)

LAST UPDATED ON 2013-July-04!

As after-market support the authors have established a number of webpages to help those enthusiasts who have acquired the Tarantula Keeper's Guide, Third Edition (hereinafter called "TKG3." What you read now is the cover page for those subsidiary pages. Whether you have borrowed a copy of the TKG3 from a local lending library, borrowed one from a friend, or bought a copy from a pet shop or bookstore for your own library, you are urged to review the following pages.

Some of these pages, particularly the Addenda and Errata Sheet, will be updated from time to time depending on the feedback received by the authors. Readers should visit these pages regularly to ensure that their copies are up to date. See the "Last Updated" date near the top and again near the bottom of the page to determine if it has been modified since your last visit.

We urge the reader to download these files to their computer's disk. Then they may be examined at leisure as required, or printed. If they are printed, 10, 9 or even 8 point type and narrow margins should be used to conserve space. Even then, as a group they could fill a 3" 3-ring binder!

The ADDENDA AND ERRATA SHEET. This is an extensive list of additions, corrections and updates that should be made to TKG3. It's located at Download and print a copy of this one, to keep with your copy of TKG3. Visit this address often to check for updates. Of particular interest is that much of this information may be used in the next edition of the Tarantula Keeper's Guide (TKG4).

An EXPANDED "TABLE OF CONTENTS". TKG3's "Table of Contents" only goes to two levels, but the original manuscript goes to a full five levels. This link takes you to a more complete version.

Only about 95 Kb in size, The Expanded Table of Contents is in Adobe Acrobat's PDF format. If you haven't already done so, you'll have to download and install the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader from

An UPDATED BIBLIOGRAPHY. In its printed form, TKG3's "Bibliography" is virtually the same as TKG2's. However, there were several new entries that should have been included but weren't, and there are many entries that probably should have been deleted but weren't. Here we report those entries that should have been included. We will defer the deletion of unneeded or obsolete entries to TKG4.

The "REAL INDEX". TKG3's "Index" was chopped severely to save space and lacks a lot of key entries. This link takes you to a much larger and far more complete version that was the basis for the published Index. There are several issues with this, however.

Lastly, be sure to read Sam Marshall's book TARANTULA'S AND OTHER ARACHNIDS, also published by Barron's Educational Series. Another excellent book is Dr. R. G. Breene's QUICK AND EASY TARANTULA CARE by TFH Publications. Keep these right next to TKG3. With these books and the documents outlined above, you'll effectively have the tarantula keeping hobby at your fingertips for years to come.


All of these books are available for loan from most public libraries. If your local library doesn't have copies you may ask them to order them for their collection. And, you may also ask them to order a copy for you to read through the Interlibrary Loan System.

They are also available for sale "off the shelf" from the majority of the pet shops in your area. Most can get them for you by special order if they're out of stock. In addition, these books are available by special order from every bookstore (the larger stores may even have copies in stock), directly from the publishers (e.g., Barron's Educational Series) and from any of the Internet based bookstores such as Abe Books, Alibris, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Books Price. (Arranged alphabetically, no special significance should be inferred by the order in which these are listed. And, you may find many others by performing an Internet search using search strings similar to used book dealers.)


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