The Great State of Texas!

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There were still a lot of uncertainties and unanswered questions.

The major problem was that the whole project of buying and importing this motorhome had to come to completion in less than about a month in spite of obstreperous bureaucrats, slower-than-molasses-in-January banks and the million little crises that we encounter along the way. On the other hand we were making progress on all fronts. We managed to maintain our optimism in spite of it all.

All the while that we were working through the trials and tribulations of being able to pay for the motorhome we also had to take care of several other major, associated sub-projects. We lump them all under this heading and detail them in subsidiary pages. Again, most if not all these things were happening more or less in parallel. We're covering each topic separately and in its entirety rather than all at once in a strict chronological order in an attempt to save you from serious brain damage. The down side is that if you're trying to make any sense out of this you'll have to synthesize all the sub-projects into a grand scheme. Good luck! If we hadn't lived it, we doubt that we'd be able to do it!

Insuring the Beast.
If we bought this motorhome we would need insurance on it before we could drive it back to Calgary.
Doggy Digs.
We had to find a place for our two shelties to stay while we were jet-setting around the continent.
"Leavin' on a Jet Plane..."
We had to schedule flights to Austin, Texas.
Once we got to Austin we'd need some sort of ground transportation.
A Place to Crash.
We'd also need a place to sleep.


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