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LAST UPDATED ON 2005-December-17!

Even before its official publication date the authors realized that THE TARANTULA KEEPER'S GUIDE would eventually become obsolete. And, sadly, there were several flaws that had crept in during the final phases of writing and publication. Thus it was almost a foregone conclusion that a third version would someday be necessary.

Partly as after-market support and partly in preparation for the presumed third edition, the authors established a number of webpages to help the enthusiast. What you read now is the "cover page" for those subsidiary pages. Whether you have borrowed a copy of the Guide from a local lending library, acquired a copy for your own library or are only just a little interested, you are urged to review the following pages.

THE REAL INDEX to the Guide at The one that was published in the official book was chopped severely to save space and lacks a lot of key entries. This is the original one as it was submitted with the manuscript. Download and print off a copy of this page and keep it with your copy of the Guide for future reference.

THE ADDENDUM AND ERRATUM SHEET. This is an extensive list of changes that we think should be made to the Guide, additions, corrections and updates. It's located at Download and print a copy of this one too, to keep with your copy of the Guide. As you read through the Addenda and Errata Sheet, make cross-referencing notations in the margins of the Guide. Visit this address every few months to check for updates. Of particular interest is that we are now beginning work on a third edition to the Guide and the contents of this webpage will form a core for a lot of the information that goes into it.

NOTE: These two are huge files. Print them using 10, 9 or even 8 point type and use very narrow margins. Even then, together they'll fill a 3" 3-ring binder!

COMPREHENSIVE BIBLIOGRAPHY. This is NOT the same bibliography that was published in the Guide! This huge bibliography, located at, was never intended to be part of the Guide, being a source listing of most of the references that we consulted in its preparation. It lists all tarantula books and articles from about the beginning of time to about 1985 or 1990. It may not be of interest to the casual hobbyist, but if you really are interested in finding out all you can about them, and don't mind spending days in dusty, old, university libraries, it can be a critical source list.

NOTE: This is also a huge file. We will be reformatting it sometime in the future to make it a little more user friendly, but at the moment that project has had to be pushed to the "back burner."

Lastly, be sure to read Sam Marshall's book TARANTULA'S AND OTHER ARACHNIDS, also published by Barron's Educational Series. Keep it right next to the Guide. With these two books (and our Index and Addenda and Errata pages), you'll effectively have the tarantula keeping hobby at your fingertips for years to come.


Both THE TARANTULA KEEPER'S GUIDE and TARANTULA'S AND OTHER ARACHNIDS are available for loan from most public libraries.

They are also available for sale "off the shelf" from perhaps one third or more of the pet shops in your area. Most can get them for you by special order if they're out of stock. In addition, these books are available by special order from every bookstore (the larger stores may even have copies in stock), directly from the publisher (Barron's Educational Series) and from any of the Internet based bookstores like Abe Books, Alibris, and


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